Who We Are

who we are


SSV’s Net Positive Bay Area 2050 goals are to:

  • Produce more renewable energy than we consume
  • Sequester more carbon than we emit
  • Optimize water resources to ensure water resilience


SSV brings together leading tech companies, cities, counties, research and educational institutions to solve sustainability issues that cannot be solved alone.


Facilitate measurable projects, education, events, and policies that deliver solutions by activating SSV’s member network to reach the Net Positive Bay Area goals.

  • Education: Educating across communities—professionals, stakeholders and students. Education is the key to gaining support for water, carbon, and energy issues.
  • Events: Producing project- related events, such as the annual symposium, to raise awareness and build community; participating in other organizations’ high-profile events, such as CWEA and SVES; and organizing custom events and tours for members.
  • Policy:  Supporting state bills and helping draft local ordinances and policy.
  • Projects: Facilitating measurable projects that bring members together to produce tangible solutions. Currently, SSV is working on two projects: the Intelligent Water REuse Initiative and Net Positive Communities — East Palo Alto Project.