Become a Member

Membership with SSV is a great avenue to share knowledge and connect with leaders in the Silicon Valley. SSV is a project based organization currently focused on the Intelligent Water REuse Project and Net Positive Communities– East Palo Alto Project. We are actively seeking a carbon project and working with the Center for Carbon Removal. SSV holds two symposiums a year and regularly participates in events that support SSV’s projects.

Benefits of SSV Membership:

  •      Network with SSV members
  •      Share knowledge and gain expertise
  •      Discount on entrance fees to SSV events
  •      Add input on new ordinances and policy
  •      Collaborate on pilot projects
  •      Participate in working groups
  •      Present at SSV educational events for select audiences
  •      Present for SSV at high profile events
  •      Join special offsite tours organized for members
  •      Contribute to educational programs
  •      Participate in event Steering Committees with leading experts
  •      Recognition for new members in SSV’s newsletter (10K+ subscribers) and in the annual report

Membership Levels:

  • Platinum: $25,000 Industry Leaders
  • Gold: $15,000 Large Companies
  • Silver: $10,000 Mid-sized Companies
  • Bronze: $5000 Consultants and Small Companies
  • Government Agencies, Research Institutions, and Nonprofits membership levels available upon request