Carbon Project


SSV’s Net Positive Bay Area 2050 carbon goal is to sequester more carbon than we emit, and SSV is actively seeking a carbon project. To jump start our search, SSV has formed a partnership with the Center for Carbon Removal at UC Berkeley to accelerate the development of scalable, sustainable, economically-viable carbon removal solutions. A workshop is planned for September 2016 to bring together carbon removal technology companies, funders, investors, government and NGOs to initiate pilot projects unlocking the potential of carbon removal solutions.

SSV’s Director of Energy and Carbon, Phu Nguyen, will be a judge for the UC Carbon Slam 2016. This is an event will bring together students from all ten UC campuses to Silicon Valley to present their climate science and carbon reduction research.

Additionally, SSV has been requested by a leading tech company to produce a transportation/ electric bike and bike safety symposium in Fall 2016.