Earth Day Actions 2018

Earth Day Actions 2018

By Bruce Naegel  April 2018

Earth Day is a good time to look at options that can help save the planet and save money.  Remember, Every Day is Earth Day.   The suggestions listed below have references for more information. The author has used all of them. Enjoy! 

Save Energy & Earn Money


When electricity demand is high, utilities use electricity sources that cost more in dollars and carbon..Utilities know ahead of time when these peaks will occur.  They are willing to pay customers who agree to reduce their demand during these peaks. If you would like to be one of those customers, :

Water Conservation and Efficiency 

Saving water is still important

There are devices that save water use and water expense.  The web site below has several options.

 Electrify your Home

You can power your home with carbon neutral electricity even if Solar is not an option. See the choices below for various Community Choice Energy providers. .

You can use this clean power to heat your home and run your car. This eliminates pollution from transportation fuels and natural gas. Using electricity to power transportation and provide heat is key to meeting CA climate goals for 2030 and 2050.



Using Carbon Free Electricity to heat your home and for hot water:

Heat Pump Water and Space Heaters can provide the warmth you need without adding C02 to the atmosphere from burning natural gas.

Carbon Free Electricity Sources:

Getting energy from Wind, Water and Solar


City of Palo Alto

City of Santa Clara

Monterrey Bay Community Power (Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties)\

Peninsula Clean Energy    (San Mateo County)

Silicon Valley Clean Energy (Most of Santa Clara County)

Try a Plant-Based Burger

Try one of the new burgers made from plants



Plant based burgers are becoming delicious. Beef based burgers can have 10X the carbon content of a plant-based burger. Try the latest in non-beef burgers from one of these sources: