"We had 32% less potable water use in 2015 vs 2013." - Tom Harrington, Intuit

"We support purified water- recycled water is safe and it belongs in our portfolio of water supply options." - Barbara Keegan, Santa Clara Valley Water District

"Less than 1% of the water on earth is available as intake for potable use. Water is a finite resource." - Joseph Vesey, Xylem

"Conservation efforts by BAWSCA member agencies have resulted in 25% decrease in water use, despite 27% population increase since 1986." - Andree Johnson, BAWSCA

"Every drop of water we do not pollute is one extra drop of water that's available to use." - Newsha Ajami, Water in the West Stanford University

"We need oversight and management programs when it comes to decentralized systems, and we need consistent water quality standards" - Paula Kehoe, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

"We're going to be installing a blackwater system at the district scale. It will be used for flushing toilets and irrigation. We will save about 20 million gallons annually" - Lauren Swezey, Facebook

"We need a mechanism for testing new technologies and new systems at scale in a low-risk environment." - Sebastien Tilmans, Codiga Resource Recovery Center at Stanford University

"We've started to work a little bit more on decentralized nutrient recovery in the last couple of years." - Pete Munoz, Biohabitats

"Some of the larger projects being built in our area are already implementing onsite water recycling." - John Horner, Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce

"There's rule making and interpretation and down-stream enforcement, and that's where it gets tricky." - Dennis Murphy, USGBC California

"The pricing of water right now, particularly on the West Coast, is getting to a place where these projects are more viable, once flows get around 20k gallons a day." - Peter Haase, Acqualogic

"When the state develops a regulation, we want a holistic approach. It creates a much better set of standards for everyone." - Michael Nearman, California Building Standards Commission

"In plumbing code, we're working on onsite treated non-potable water." - Kyle Krause, California Department of Housing and Community Development


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