"We had 32% less potable water use in 2015 vs 2013." - Tom Harrington, Intuit

"We support purified water- recycled water is safe and it belongs in our portfolio of water supply options." - Barbara Keegan, Santa Clara Valley Water District

"Less than 1% of the water on earth is available as intake for potable use. Water is a finite resource." - Joseph Vesey, Xylem

"Conservation efforts by BAWSCA member agencies have resulted in 25% decrease in water use, despite 27% population increase since 1986." - Andree Johnson, BAWSCA

"Every drop of water we do not pollute is one extra drop of water that's available to use." - Newsha Ajami, Water in the West Stanford University

"We need oversight and management programs when it comes to decentralized systems, and we need consistent water quality standards" - Paula Kehoe, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

"We're going to be installing a blackwater system at the district scale. It will be used for flushing toilets and irrigation. We will save about 20 million gallons annually" - Lauren Swezey, Facebook

"We need a mechanism for testing new technologies and new systems at scale in a low-risk environment." - Sebastien Tilmans, Codiga Resource Recovery Center at Stanford University

"We've started to work a little bit more on decentralized nutrient recovery in the last couple of years." - Pete Munoz, Biohabitats

"Some of the larger projects being built in our area are already implementing onsite water recycling." - John Horner, Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce

"There's rule making and interpretation and down-stream enforcement, and that's where it gets tricky." - Dennis Murphy, USGBC California

"The pricing of water right now, particularly on the West Coast, is getting to a place where these projects are more viable, once flows get around 20k gallons a day." - Peter Haase, Acqualogic

"When the state develops a regulation, we want a holistic approach. It creates a much better set of standards for everyone." - Michael Nearman, California Building Standards Commission

"In plumbing code, we're working on onsite treated non-potable water." - Kyle Krause, California Department of Housing and Community Development


Thank you for participating in SSV’s “Spring Water Symposium: Resilience and Reuse” on May 23, 2016 at the Intuit Cook Campus Center. The event was a great success thanks to the distinguished speakers, eminent panelists, moderators, generous sponsors, exhibitors, and amazing attendee turnout. Thank you to our generous host, Intuit, and to all of our sponsors.

The symposium brought together cities, counties, technologists, researchers, regulators, and decision makers for a stimulating discussion on water reuse and resilience in California. This half-day event had two panel discussions interspersed with speaker presentations that offered great insights on innovations and programs, while the two-minute pitches on new technologies and solutions made for lively engagement.

SSV is on the outset of a journey to create a water recycling ecosystem in the Bay Area that will create jobs, wealth, sustain businesses– all while doing the right thing. We hope you will join us in our water reuse efforts and consider joining SSV as a member.